Make a timetable! Writing down your plan makes you much more likely to commit to it. What and When...

Click here for a print friendly timetable >


Time at home is an amazing opportunity to put our 'LICENSED TO SKILL' philosophy into extra practice. Do the 5 things below and you will definitely come back to training a better player! If you're still hungry for more, see the 'EXTRA TIME' ideas also. There are ideas on this page from beginner to elite... Take your chance! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

1. Improve Your Weak Foot

Want a 5 STAR weak foot? Now is your chance to get to work...From wall to De Bruyne! Simply find a wall and a ball... Set your own challenges; 100 per day? 200 per day? 500 per day? 1000 per day? Repetition is key!

You will soon be able to develop these short distance inside foot passes into volleys, longer passes and shooting, using different parts of your foot, but it starts here!


1. Open your body to about 45 degrees.

2. Place your standing foot about 8 inches from ball and point it in the direction of the pass.

3. Repeat passes with 1 touch wherever you can. Use 2 touches (control then pass) if needed.

4. Practice EVERY DAY, repetition gets results!

5. Listen to music whilst practicing if that's your thing!

6. Check out YouTube for weak foot inspiration. Here's a couple to get you going:

Improve your weak foot, starting today >

De Bruyne Top 10 LEFT FOOT goals >

FIFA 20 - 5 STAR WEAK FOOT PLAYERS: Kevin De Bruyne (Man City) Neymar Jnr (PSG) Heung Min Son (Tottenham) Ousmane Dembele (Barcelona)

If by any chance you don't have an available wall, ask a willing parent, brother or sister to work with you!

2. Smash Your Keepy Up Record!

Keepy ups (AKA juggling) are a great way to improve that crucial first touch and confidence with the ball. You will also need patience and perseverance which are vital life skills! You'll never have a better time than now to smash your keepy up record!


1. If you're a beginner, start with simple drop, kick and catch repetitions to build up technique; Toe's up, relax your body - notice the ball spinning backwards when you get it right. Learn how hard / soft you need to touch the ball. Keep repeating drop, kick and catch 50-100 times before attempting feet only. Try two / three kicks then catch to build up. Try bounce off floor, kick, bounce, kick to progress if helps. Some beginners prefer a sponge ball to start with.

2.  Use BOTH feet. Alternate if you can. Use your arms each side for balance.

3. Schedule it in. Decide how long you are going to practice for or how many keepy ups you are going to do. For example, do 1,000 in total, but keep 'cumulative' count (keep counting on, even after you drop the ball). Over time it will start to take you less goes to reach your target.

4. Smashing your record > If you can do 5 you can do 10. If you can do 10 you can do 20. If you can do 20 you can do 50. If you can do 50 you can do 100. If you can do 100 you can do 200. If you can do 200 you can do 500. If you can do 500 you can do 1000. If you can do 1000 you can do as many as you like! PERSEVERE - you have the time!

6. Challenge yourself! Once you have mastered basic keepy ups using both feet to knee or waist height, start to challenge yourself! Can you use other parts of your feet and body? Can you do 'Around the World'? Can you keep the ball up whilst walking or running? Through cones? Can you vary the height of your keepy ups? How many different ways can you flick up the ball to get started?

5. Watch some tutorials and top players on YouTube. There are loads to choose from! Here's a few to get you going >

Juggling Tips and Basics >

'Around the World' Intermediate / Advanced >

Learn 50 flick ups >

Neymar in Action! >

Keep us posted on WhatsApp on how much practice you are doing and your current record. Good luck!


3. Improve Your Skills and Ball Mastery

Johan Cruyff (one of the best players ever) said, "Touching the ball is highest form of technique. But to touch it perfectly once, you need to have touched it a 100,000 times in training!"

So how good do you want to get? The best players usually practice more! So it's up to you! At Bullets we have always focused on skills and ball mastery in training, but now we're all at home for a while this is the best chance you have ever had to give this a massive boost!


1. Get on YouTube and search for 'football ball mastery' and 'football skills' and you will find loads of stuff that can be done in a back garden/yard, garage or living room (with no risk to ornaments!).

If you're not sure what to do, at least do these!

A. Ronaldinho Box >

B. Bullets Futsal Dice Practice >

C. Bullets favourite in game skills (MAMFORD) - Messi feint, Aguero fake, Mahrez stepovers, 'Flea' movement and turns, Own choice favourite skills, Rollovers and Drag Backs.


But there are loads more! Explore YouTube, improve your ball mastery and get more skills!

Example: Mastery Blast - 2,000 touches in 15 minutes >

Elite Ball Mastery Session from MLS Pro >

2. Schedule your practice. How often? How long? Every day is most powerful.

3. Make sure you include BOTH FEET.

4. Repetition and perseverence = improvement!

4. Watch Lots of Football & Futsal!

Did you know that watching and visualising things is proven to make you more likely to be able to do them for real? It's like effort free programming for your brain!

So get watching goals, assists, skills, saves, defending, and more! It's also a good idea to watch and learn from players you admire, or play a similar position to; De Bruyne? Van Djik? Alex Morgan? Ederson? Ndidi? Mane? Trent? Ricardinho? Watch their technique, not just the goals, tackles or saves. Maybe research tactics also! Remember, a mixture of Brazilian skills and Spanish passing links well with our philosophy. Watch football AND futsal, whilst programming your brain, all from the comfort of your sofa! Enjoy!

Here's a few to get you started:

Best Goals Premier League 2019/20 >

Barcelona Goals >

Women's Crazy Football Skills, Tricks & Goals >

Play Like Messi by F2 >

Top 10 Ricardinho Futsal Goals >  (probably the best futsal player in the world)

PS. We know you're still going to watch and play some of your normal stuff - just try swapping some Sidemen for Sergio, Roblox for Ronaldo, Norris Nuts for Neymar, Fortnite for Fabinho.. you get the idea!

PPS. Keep playing FIFA! Possession football works best! And learn more skill moves:

110 FIFA 20 SKILLS >

5. Keep In Touch with Your Teammates!

You are part of an awesome team, so keep our team spirit high by keeping in touch!

We're pretty sure you have your own ways / groups for staying in touch but the club would like to use WhatsApp groups also. The FA actually recommends group texting with players as best practice, as long as it includes some parents (all parents welcome on request - our groups will include Coach and Welfare Officer as minimum).

Parents, just text your child's number to Ian on 07814 392208 to add them to the club WhatsApp group. Let me know if you want to be included also. If your child does not have a phone (which may well apply to our younger players) we can keep you up to date on your phone.

The club and anybody in the group can post video links, own videos, questions, challenges, skills, training ideas, your own training schedule, keepy up records, friendly banter etc....

EXTRA TIME! More Training Advice and Ideas

If you're on a mission to improve and hungry for more, here's some ideas:

A. FAST FEET - Suitable for all ages

Improve your brain to feet speed, balance and co-ordination:

Try these 15 fast feet exercises >

B. STRENGTH & CONDITIONING- More important for older players and U14 team

For example; Press Ups, Sit Ups, Plank, Squats, Ham String Curls, Groin Strengthening, Calf Raises

Daily routine gets best results! Choose quantity / repetitions to suit you!

Try the Ronaldo home workout >

C. FITNESS - More important age 12 upwards

For stamina go on a medium to long jog/run (3k to 6k) 2-3 times per week.

To monitor and improve your fitness try a '12 minute run' every few days. Simply make a circuit which is the same size every time (E.g. 10 paces each side) and count how many laps you can do in 12 minutes.

D. SPEED - Suitable for all ages

To improve your speed, create your own change of pace and direction drills, or start here:

Ideas with Theo Walcott >

Try 'plyometric exercises' for extra explosion >


Thanks for reading this page. You really can use this opportunity to improve. Just decide to do it and MAKE IT HAPPEN! If anybody would like more personal advice or a schedule to follow just get in touch and I'll be happy to help. Ian - 07814 392208